Sayori-After Story [BETA]0.4


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My Friends: Monika is The best girl
Me: nO sAyoRi iS dA bEsT gIrL In dA wOrLd!

can you published yuri and natsuki

This was published a day after my birthday....

sayori is best girl uwu


It's normal for DDLC mods on my computer to take a while to open, but for this no matter how many times I click it won't open


idk how



how to get DDLC on iOS apple?


You cant it is for computer only!


You cant it is for computer only!


I keep trying and it says error!!!


I keep trying and it says error!!!


It won't let me play it says error


it says error\


i need help it keeps saying error


When I try to open the game it says ''Error''.

Need help 

sorry for my english..


it might just be my account but i cant launch the game

How can we fix the black screen

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Doesn't the IP Guidelines prevent anyone from making fan-games and publish them on such websites? You should make this a mod otherwise it'll be removed eventually. I know someone who "Might" be able to help you make this a mod.


seeing this as a full mod,that would be cool but,this needs way more dialogue and more stuff to do with sayori

how do i fix the black screen?

this looks awesome!  know nothing for coding or anything but  could give ideas! I really see good things for this, Sayori has so many different ways it could go and I really hope this mod flourishes! If you need help just ask and I will do my best to help in any way I can!

I could probably help by adding some more topics

(if you want)


can i have a windows version? really like the idea can't play it cause i have pc

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Thanks you i waiting for long time for this.   i have error mesage that the image of sayori don't found but in game folders is

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to get the image change in the script "scene Sayori2" to "scene sayori"

but where do we change it

Hello everyone!as you can see this game is empty,if you have anything/any word you want me to add to the Sayori"s reactions

Here are some ideas for things the player could say and sayori could reply:

Player: Are you happy? Sayori: Knowing im here with you, of course im happy. I hope you are too.

Player: Hello Sayori: Hi there

Player: Do you miss mc? Sayori: Yeah... a little, but now im here with you, mc was only an A.I. I get to talk to a real person now!

Those were some of my ideas, hope this mod gets more updates/improvments.

Sayori: You like me!

MC: Hmmm, not really

Sayori: What?

(Sayori hangs herself for 2 secs)

(Sayori goes into original position again)

Sayori: Do you like me?

(Shows two options)

Yes, I don't just like you I love you

Yes, I don't just like you I love you

Sayori: Yay!

Sayori: Next time, don't leave me (text glitches for the word 'hanging') hanging!

Thank you for reading :)

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